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About Family Travel is a unique kind of travel service. We specialize in tailor-made vacations for you and your family. We offer family-friendly accommodations, such as apartment-hotels, self-catering apartments, and small family-run B&Bs. You can even spend your vacation at a medieval castle or a French chateau. We also offer guided tours, car rentals, airport shuttles, and travelers' protection insurance. We also have the best connections to provide you with very competitive prices for all your air travel transportation.

With over 24 years of experience in tourism and travel planning, we can help to make your vacation a treasured memory. About Family Travel has hand picked its guides and very carefully selected those hotels and accommodations that are family friendly. Handicapped accessible accommodations are also available. Wherever you travel, there will be an agent on call to assist you. We guarantee you a personal welcome and assistance when you arrive at your destination airport.

Planning a family vacation can be a little overwhelming, especially when visiting a foreign country. Let About Family Travel create a custom-made itinerary, including accommodations, transportation, and guided tours, for you and your family. Place your trust in us and we'll give you the world.

To successfully plan your next family vacation, gather the family members together for a travel-planning meeting, and get down to the basics. Use the following guidelines to help you plan for worry-free family travel memories.

What do we want out of this trip?
Do we want to visit relatives and enjoy a family reunion? Are we seeking an adventure in a foreign country? Would we like to travel the back roads or embark on a learning vacation? Do we need relaxation and want to be totally pampered and entertained?

Who is coming on this trip?
Family only? Friends? Grandparents? Take all ages into account. When are we going? Is this school vacation time, a long weekend or an extended adventure? What is the weather like in our chosen destination?

How much time do we have for this trip?

What is our overall budget? What type of accommodations are we looking for? What mode of transportation will we need?

Remember... getting to a destination can often be as fun and exciting as the vacation itself. Take into account your time frame, budget and the number and ages of travelers. Do we want to spend all our time en route? Will we need transportation at our destination?

Choosing a destination:
Do we like to visit coastal areas, beaches, mountains, deserts, lakes or rivers? How about exploring large metropolitan areas? Do we enjoy touring historical sites? Or, learning about a new culture? Are we drawn to the excitement of amusement parks or the solitude of nature in a National park? Do we seek adventure and new experiences or are we more comfortable with the familiar?

What kind of weather do we seek?
Warm and tropical, temperate, or cold? Is there a favorite season or activity that can only be done in certain weather?

What do we like to do?
Are we active -- choosing sports like hiking, white water rafting, swimming, biking, kayaking, snow skiing, horseback riding, and fishing? Do we like museums, theaters, concerts, workshops, sightseeing or shopping? Do we want to learn a new sport, an art, a skill, and even a little history? Maybe a family participation on an archaeological dig for a day? Do we want to do a number of different activities, or do some people want one thing and others another?

What are our accommodation needs?
Are we looking forward to a few days in a chateau or relaxing in a resort? Do we want to travel to several different cities, staying in either hotels, apartment/hotels or B&B's or guest houses, or do we enjoy the ease of a home base, taking day trips? Do we want to cook in our own lodgings or eat out? Or do we want a little of both?

Do we want to take a tour or go independent?
Do we like the spontaneity and freedom of independent travel, or the security of organized day trips? Can we do some of our trip independently and use local guides and outfitters for specific activities?

Do we have any special needs?
List any special needs or concerns of the participants. Clothing and equipment needs? Dietary needs? Physical needs? A daily routine of naps and meals for the little ones? Entertainment for older kids? Do we need to be close to medical facilities?

You now have a better idea of what you want from your family travel vacation, and are ready to research specific travel ideas and destinations that best match the needs and interests of your family. Take the next step, fill out our request form, sit back and let us plan your next dream vacation.

What ever your choice, contact
About Family Travel and let us design your vacation with your personal needs in mind.
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