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Venice Italy - Carnival

When Carnival first began, it was celebrated from December 26th and reached its climax the day before Ash Wednesday, also known as Mardi Gras. During the period of Carnival, it seems that every excess was permitted and the fact that everyone wore masks seemed to abolish all social division. All the campi were thronged with people intent on partying and carousing, singing, dancing and playing games. The most common costume (the bautta) was composed of a black silk hood, a lace cape, a voluminous cloak (the tabarro), and a three-cornered hat, with a white mask that completely covered the wearer's face. This allowed revelers to go around the city incognito. It was useful to go to casini, places where you could play games of chance.

carnival venice italy
Since 1980, the celebration of Carnival in Venice has gained popularity. People came from all over the world to attend private and public masked balls. Masked revelers of all ages invade the campi where music and dancing continues nearly day and night. Theatrical performances and an array of ancient games are organized for the amusement of Venetians and visitors alike.
February 1, 2002
From San Pietro di Castello to St Mark’s Square
The Festa delle Marie is the oldest of all Venetian celebrations (first chronicled in 1039). It remembers the liberation of young brides who were kidnapped and robbed of their jewels by Istrian pirates in 948. Seven young women - later represented by wooden images (“Marie de tola”) - used to parade with a magnificent train from San Pietro DI Castello, where the ancient Venice Cathedral once was. Directed by Bruno Tosi with the collaboration of Serenissimo Tribunal de L’inquisition and other historical troupes, the parade will arrive at St. Mark’s Square where the seven Marys will be introduced (the girls are previously selected through a competition promoted and organized by Il Gazzettino). Street performances and dances for all participants will follow.
carnival venice italy
February 2, 2001
Piazza San Marco Carnival Parade - Traditional parade of masks and artists who, with drums and torches,‘ignite’ Carnival in the city. All groups that are affiliated with Carnival will march in the parade, as well as delegates from other cities and artists who perform at the end of the parade.

Gran Caffè Lavena
Gran Caffé Ristorante Quadri

Dress Code: Costume

L'Araba Fenice - A toast to the new birth of the Carnival - After the masquerade Parade which traditionally opens the Carnival in San Marco Square, a first toast to the reborn Carnival in the hall of the elegant Caffé Quadri. The first meeting-point for everybody in costume to plan his or her future amusements.
Piazza San Marco Gentil Foresto Party - Music, dance and carnival shows 'till 11.00 p.m.
Palazzo Nani-Bernardo


IL BALLO DI CASANOVA - Sul Canal Grande - Faced on the Gran Canal, opposite to Palazzo Grassi and beside Ca’ Rezzonico, seat of the 700 Veneziano permanent Museum, the historical Palazzo Nani Bernardo will be the grand location to open the Carnival of Venice with “Il Ballo di Casanova”. The wonderful frame of its Halls, decorated with epoch stuccos, and the intimacy of its refined Salons will be the ideal choreography for the dinner, the Balls and the Entertainments between spectacular Masks and sumptuous Costumes to celebrate the magic and the burlesque tradition of Carnival in Venice.

Europa & Regina Hotel

Dress Code: Historical Costume

Venezia E L'Oriente - Gala Dinner and Dance in a magnificent palace that was the main residence of the noble Venetian family Vendramin (1381-1824), with the facade overlooking a beautiful garden. Here you can have a dreaming costume party set in the oriental style. As the noble travelers of the 18th and 19th Century belly dancers, magicians, acrobats and our traditional warm welcome will receive you. You will enjoy the special dinner entertained by our artists and, after, the dances will start 'till late night in the erotic atmosphere of the Far East.
February 3, 2002
St Mark’s Square
carnival venice italy
IL VOLO DELL'ANGELO - Flight of the Colombina (Little Dove) - This old ritual was held on Shrove Thursday at the time of the Serene Republic and is today replayed with the flight of a mechanical dove from the campanile of Saint Mark. The bird opens and pours colorful paper confetti on the below standing crowd and at the same time hundreds of balloons fly in the sky. This event represents the symbol of Carnival and is attended by thousands of Venetians and visitors as well as city officials.
Hotel Danieli Sunday Lunch "La Colombina" - After the ceremony, a traditional Sunday Lunch in the Hotel Danieli wonderful hotel rich of tradition and courtesy, designed in the late 14th Century to meet the demands of Europe's traveling nobility.
Gran Canal, from San Marco to Cannaregio Boat Parade - Hundreds of masquerade boats along the most fascinating "street" of the World: the Canal Grande.
Fondamenta di Cannaregio Festa Venexiana - A popular open-air party along the canal of Cannaregio, with fireworks, at the end of the boat parade.
February 4 & 5, 2002

Gran Caffé Ristorante Quadri

Dress Code: Costume

Dinner in Costume - A Carnival Dinner in costume in the elegant Caffé Quadri in San Marco Square. The Gran Caffe Ristorante Quadri, boasts a historic "first": Quadri's introduced Venetians to Turkish coffee, way back in 1725, Popular to celebrated figures such as Stendhal, Dumas, Byron, Wagner and Proust it is still the favorite rendezvous of the international elite. A window onto "the finest drawing-room in the world": the Gran Caffe Ristorante Quadri, in St. Mark's square, is a proud symbol of supreme quality gastronomy and traditional Venetian hospitality. The best atmosphere to celebrate even Monday.
February 6, 2002

Along the canals in a gondola

Dress code: Costume

Meeting point just in front at the Gritti Hotel to start a gondola tour in costume ending with dinner in a popular restaurant.
February 7, 2002

Piazza San Marco


Hotel Luna Baglioni

CIOCCOLATA CALDA (Hot Chocolate) of the Associazione Internazionale per IL Carnevale di Venezia

Palazzo Pisani Moretta

Dress code: Historical Costume

BALLO TIEPOLO Resplendent in historical costume, our guests will attend the official Ball of the Venice Carnival. Enter in the magic world of the Venetian 18th Century. In the candle-lit setting of palazzo Pisani-Moretta, overlooking the Canal Grande and frescoed by Giovanbattista Tiepolo, mimes, magicians and acrobats will perform while you enjoy your cocktails and the superb Dinner. Three orchestras will play to accompany your dances 'till early morning.
February 8, 2002

Hotel Danieli

Dress Code: Costume

Carnival Brunch - One of the most beautiful and traditional hotels in Venice, the Danieli is located only steps away from Saint Mark’s Square. It will host a pleasant get-together, after the celebration, far from the crowds and right on the Saint Mark’s waterfront.
carnival venice italy
Piazza San Marco Masquerade Ball - Hundred of masks will dance the waltz following an Austrian Orchestra. Everybody in costume is invited to participate at this unforgettable event.
Piazza San Marco Costume Show - The presentation of the most beautiful masks of the Carnival is one of the most attended moments of this time.
Palazzo Cà Vendramin Calergi IL BALLO DEI SOSPIRI- In an atmosphere full of mystery, eroticism and sensuality will accompany all in a traditional evening of the past with curious entertainments, surprise performances and virtuous dances. Nothing is casual, it will be the masquerades, the highlights and the most magnificent costumes to delight the spirits with transgression in a night of fable that will never be forgotten.
February 9, 2002
Palazzo Pisani-Moretta IL BALLO DEL DOGE - Organized by Antonia Sautter in one of the most beautiful Venetian palaces on the Grand Canal: Pisani-Moretta Palace. Every year, on the last Saturday of Carnival the international jet-set attends this ball, which takes place in a fascinating atmosphere, created by thousands of candles on antique Murano chandeliers illuminating the splendid frescos by Tiepolo and other great Venetian artists.
carnival venice italy
Palazzo Albrizzi -
Cannaregio 4118 (Venezia)
Gran Gala à la Belle Epoque
Atheneum San Basso (San Marco Square) RONDO' VENEZIANO: BAROQUE MUSIC CONCERT and COCKTAIL Late morning with classical baroque Venetian music with the international well know ensemble "Rondò Veneziano" just in San Marco Square at the Ateneo San Basso with a cocktail after the concert: the best way to start in relax the most crazy day of the Carnival.

Hotel Danieli

Dress Code: historical costume

VENEZIA ROMANTICA (WELCOME TO THE ROMANTIC VENICE) Masquerade Ball theme on the 19th Century travelers in Venice One hotel is synonymous with the splendor and romance of Venice: the Danieli. A masterfully restored palace, the Danieli is a mere step from Piazza S. Marco and all of the city's cultural landmarks. Designed in the late fourteenth century to meet the demands of Europe's traveling nobility, the Danieli continues to set the standard for hospitality at its best. The Danieli has for generations been the hotel preferred by the discerning visitor to Venice, the favorite town of the Romantic artists in the 19th Century. This unique town was the destination of poets, painters, musicians, novelists, adventurers and the most charming Ladies of the World: the Empress Sisi of Austria, Wagner, Byron, Ruskin, Puschin, Foscolo, George Sand, Strauss, Goethe… They will come back with you and your friends in the most famous hotel of Venice with the gorgeous hall, rebuilt in the last Century following the exotic and eclectic taste of that age. Like them actors, acrobats, dancers and a Viennese orchestra will receive you in a luxurious way. And a top dinner as only here you can enjoy.

Palazzo Ca' Zanardi

Serata La Folia
February 10, 2002
Burano Island LUNCH AT "DA ROMANO" In the quiet of the Lagoon, a trip to visit the oldest Venice and it's unique Cathedral with the throne of the most famous Barbarian: Attila, and a Lunch in a typical Locanda. Departure from the Hotel Danieli (Riva degli Schiavoni - San Marco) by at noon by water taxi, Return to Venice always by water taxi at 4.00. Just in time to participate at the Magic Shadows of Venice afternoon.

Palazzo Vendramin dei Carmini

Dress Code: costume

SHADOWS of LOVE In the wonderful Palazzo Vendramin dei Carmini, an afternoon of amusements accompanied by music, malicious games in the 18th Century style, fortune tellers and particularly by the silhouette and shadows theater show; hot chocolate at 4.30 p.m. and a cocktail at 6.30 p.m. under the theme of the cheerfulness of the Carnival.
Palazzo Ca' Zanardi Omaggio a Maria Callas
Palazzo Pisani-Moretta MASCHERANDA - In the most magical night of the Carnival 2002, candlelight in the Pisani Moretta Palace, facing the Grand Canal, among precious scenographies and the 18th frescos, you'll be the welcome guests at the Mask Ball "MASCHERANDA". Within the fancy dress, wrapt in the mistery of one's own mask, you'll dance in the midst of either venetian and foreign masks, in the great game of transgression and seduction. During and after the dinner, music, fantasy, entertainments, color and warmth will be the frame for the most enchanting party of your life, going on with the Grand Mask Balls in the Main Saloons.
February 11, 2002

Antico Salone "La Bauta"

Dress Code: Fantasy Costume

IL CARNEVALE DEGLI ARTISTI (ARTISTS CARNIVAL PARTY) In a Circus tend decorated like a fin-du-siècle theater, right in the center of Venice, in the Campo San Polo, with bar, the most creative and joyful party of the Carnival will be held, where the artists have the leading role. An evening of art, fantasy and gaiety, frittelle, galani and prosecco, surprises and performances of local and international artists.
carnival venice italy
February 12, 2002
Piazza San Marcocarnival venice italy
Caffé Quadri, (San Marco Square) xHOT CHOCOLATE IN COSTUME The "Hot Chocolate" with cakes in an elegant café in the "Piazza", the Venetian Carnival time tradition since the 18th Century. You can also admire the big open-air show of Mardi Gras in St. Mark's Square from the unique view of the Café Quadri first floor.

Palazzo Pisani-Moretta

Dress Code: Costume

END OF CARNIVAL PARTY The Associazione Internazionale per IL Carnevale di Venezia organize the last Party of the Carnival in the most beautiful private palace on the Gran Canal.
Palazzo Ca' Zenobio LA NOTTE D'ORO - (THE GOLDEN NIGHT) - Imagine one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Venice with its golden ceiling, illuminated by candlelight. The shimmer and glamour of hundreds of masks, artists presenting the treasures of Venice , a dinner as in the golden period of this city, "The Serenissima", and the most beautiful costumes which, with their embroidery and pearls, reflect this atmosphere. This last masquerade ball of the Carnival will take you into a world of surprises and amusements where almost everything is allowed. It will make you preserve a souvenir of this unique event till the next year.

Palazzo Ca' Zanardi

Ballo rinascimentale
Palazzo Vendramin dei Carmini THE FRIENDS of CARNIVAL'S PARTY The Associazione Amici del Carnevale organize its traditional lively final party in a private palace.

Piazza San Marco

THE LAST DANCE The traditional farewell to the Carnival, dancing until midnight in St. Mark's Square with Radio D.J.
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