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With so many countries in Europe, it is sometimes hard to choose the exact destinations to travel to. The suggested rule is not to crowd too much in at one time. Itís great to be able to stay at least two or three nights in one place. Also, one must consider the traveling time from one place to the next.
Great Britain is one country where it is most enjoyable and beneficial to the pocketbook to stay in bed and breakfasts. These are usually small family run and owned inns or pubs that specialize in warm and cozy surroundings. In the larger cities of Great Britain, such as London, it might be nice to stay at an apartment or hotel, especially if you are travelling with children where the use of having a kitchenette would come in handy. There are large supermarkets in most areas providing easy shopping.
Map of Britain
Getting around London can be easily done by bus or tube and is lots of fun for kids who donít normally travel by underground train. A car or train pass is recommended for traveling around the countryside. Although the driving is opposite of the United States, it is not too difficult. 

Families might also want to consider taking day trips out of London on an organized excursion. 

Using apartment or hotels or small pensions in France is a wonderful experience. Most pensions or small hotels are not generally too costly and they can be found throughout France.

Dining in France is an experience in itself. The French pride themselves on their cooking ability and they are correct. Most restaurants have translated menus, so if one doesnít speak French, it is advisable to ask for a menu in English.

Paris is a city for strolling. It has some lovely parks worth walking through as well as large boulevards with walking paths. 

Eiffel Tower
The Metro or underground train is an easy way to travel throughout Paris, but it is advisable to inquire about passes if one is going to use the metro for a period of time.

Driving around France is not difficult and a car is recommended if touring outside of Paris.

You might also want to rent a villa for a week in one of the outlining areas of France. This type of accommodation for couples or families is a great way to relax and enjoy some of the many wonderful regions of France.

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