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There is nothing more rewarding or enjoyable than spending time with the family. A great way to do this is to go on a family vacation.

Of course this can be a disaster if not planned carefully. It should involve everyone who is old enough to help in the process.

Make a list for packing. A list will simply serve as a reminder. You can always remove things from the list later.
Donít over pack. There is almost nothing more difficult than carrying too much baggage. There are stores everywhere if you should forget something.
A stroller, carriage or car seat is not always a necessity. In many countries you can rent one, with delivery either at the airport or hotel.
Parents donít have to pack all the toys a child owns. A few favorites will do. Make sure they are in good shape and that the toy is not one that will disturb other passengers on the plane or at your accommodations.
A trip is not the time to start to toilet train a child or to take a bottle away.
An emergency medical kit including all prescription drugs the family uses is very important. Have one person organize it and make sure to check it before leaving the house. It is not always easy to find the same medicine or medical aids in other countries.
Snacks and drinks can be stored in a carry-on bag and usually help on long trips.
When making airline reservations with a travel agent, make sure it is understood that a family is travelling. It is sometimes best to request reserved seating. Also make sure to ask about any special services the airline provides for children.
Above all, use a travel and touring service that is family friendly. 
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